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Principal of Sisters Academy of New Jersey

Mercy Center

Asbury Park, New Jersey

Reporting to the Executive Director of Mercy Center, the Principal of Sisters Academy of New Jersey creates, develops, plans and executes specific methodologies for overall implementation and supervision of the goals and objectives of Academy, its faculty and its programs.The Principal is responsible to exercise creative leadership in implementing the mission and philosophy of Sisters Academy.

The Principal is the spiritual and educational leader of Sisters Academy whose responsibility is to uphold a positive atmosphere of learning in an academically challenging alternative middle school for girls. The Principal supports school personnel in carrying out the values and philosophy of Sisters Academy.

Specific Responsibilities


  • Develops the school curriculum, schedules and staffing.
  • Provides for faculty Professional Development, individually or by team.
  • Ensures instruction of staff for compliance with various certifications, e.g., First Aid and CPR training every two years, any other requirements under the law.
  • Effectively interprets educational rules and regulations to all faculty and staff in order to ensure their understanding and encourage their support.
  • Immediately and regularly makes faculty and staff aware of pertinent information related to various programs, subjects and rulings from the NJ Department of Education.
  • Insures and implements various extra-curricular activities for the students.


  • The Academy embraces and lives the Mission and Charism of the Sisters of Mercy. The Principal must have knowledge of and integrate in his/her life the values and principles of the Sisters of Mercy, including but not limited to the Critical Concerns of the Sisters of Mercy, Core Values of the Academy, Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.
  • Represents Sisters Academy to the public, to funders and to administrators of private schools to establish scholarship opportunities.
  • Participates with the Executive Director in preparing the annual school budget and maintains financial and all official records pertaining to the Academy.
  • Collaborates with the Executive Director in hiring and terminating staff.
  • Collaborates with the Director of Social Services in her/his work with students and families.
  • Interviews and assigns all volunteers.
  • Provides supervision and professional development for Assistant Principal, the teaching staff, staff and volunteers, unless otherwise delegated.
  • Coordinates, directs and oversees the admissions and screening process, state testing and other exams.
  • Plans and provides for all educational field trips, camping experiences, STEM experiences, etc.
  • Collaborates and coordinates all activities with partners of the Academy, including but not limited to United States Naval Academy, The New Jersey Littoral Society, The Central Jersey Club and Project U.S.E, etc.
  • Coordinates and supervises the graduate support services offered to Alumnae.
  • Coordinates all activities and events engaged in by the Academy.
  • Coordinates maintenance, transportation and cafeteria development.
  • Coordinates and assists students and families with high school and college application processes.


  • Interviews, screens and recommends employment and contractual status of faculty and staff.
  • Assists and motivates faculty to develop and improve their professional standing through in service and college courses.
  • Supervises the Assistant Principal, Administrative Assistant, Faculty, all Staff, Maintenance and Volunteers.
  • Oversees building maintenance and prepares long- and short-term capital improvements.
  • Responsible for scheduling and conducting weekly faculty meetings.
  • Assigns yearly responsibilities for extra-curricular activities and various supervisory assignments.
  • Directs faculty and staff in participation in and development of all documents needed for accreditation.
  • Drafts, reviews and implements Faculty Management Procedures.


  • Provides leadership in establishing and implementing educational goals and objectives for the school and in evaluating the accomplishment of these goals and objectives.
  • Promotes the general health, safety and welfare of the student body.
  • Coordinates and evaluates the curriculum in accordance with the Academy policies. Oversees the integration of the NJ Common Core Standards, Sisters Academy Curriculum and the Supplemental Core Knowledge curriculum.
  • Requires weekly Lesson Plans in accordance with established protocols.
  • Oversees faculty review, analysis and plan to address the annual Standardized tests results with focus on the areas of students’ weaknesses.


  • Establishes rules and regulations for the Academy.
  • Sets the tone for student discipline in accordance with current Academy policy and current school law.
  • Annually prepares and implements the Parent/Student Handbook.
  • Promotes the general health, safety and well-being of the student body.
  • Coordinates the registrations of new students with the Director of Social Services.
  • Places students on various probationary protocols and also makes decisions on suspensions and expulsion.
  • Provides quarterly Progress Reports and Report Cards.
  • Establishes dates for Parent Conferences.


  • Supports the school/community organizations.
  • Develops and maintains positive written and verbal communication with the Sisters Academy community and community at large.
  • Encourages staff to maintain positive relationships with the community.
  • Directs the release of information from the Academy through appropriate communication techniques.
  • Oversees the posting of Academy events on various social media platforms.
  • In conjunction with the Executive Director, Director of Public Relations and Development Coordinator meets regularly, attends public functions and speaks to various organizations when requested.


  • In conjunction with the Executive Director of Mercy Center, prepares the Academy budget which will adequately support Academy programs.
  • Oversees the ordering and purchasing of materials, supplies and equipment.
  • Oversees the cleaning of various equipment, e.g., grease trap, stove, refrigerator, freezer, etc.
  • Oversees the annual certification of all fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, alarms, exit lighting, fire suppression system, fire sensors, etc.
  • Develops long-range plans to address building needs.
  • Oversees all property maintenance, including but not limited to, grounds, buildings, parking lot, etc.
  • Responsible for overseeing the upkeep and proper maintenance of the security system, fire alarm system, Carbon monoxide system, etc.


  • Assesses the general conditions and needs of the building and grounds and report same to Executive Director, Board and/or appropriate personnel.
  • Works with custodial and maintenance staff to insure the proper cleanliness, repair and safety of the building and grounds.


  • Participates in local, state, and national professional organizations.
  • Reads current professional literature.
  • Visits other programs in other schools and attends educational conferences.
  • Attends all conferences offered by the Sisters of Mercy.


Board of Trustees

  • Maintains a professional relationship with the board of Trustees of Mercy Center.
  • Prepares and disseminates status updates on the Academy prior to all board meetings.
  • Keeps information confidential pertaining to the Academy and personnel.

Executive Director

  • Understands that the Principal’s immediate supervisor is the Executive Director of Mercy Center.
  • Confidential information pertaining to the Academy and its personnel is to be shared with Executive Director, only.
  • Prepares and shares written information with the Executive Director when requested.
  • Accompanies the Executive Director when she/he meets with the Leadership Team of the Sisters of Mercy.
  • Meets regularly with the Executive Director and other Directors of the agency as requested.


  • An appreciation and passion for the mission of Mercy Center and Sisters Academy with a deep-rooted commitment to Mercy core values.
  • Faith-guided, visionary, and strategic leader with an institution-building mindset and a servant leadership style.
  • Knowledge of and appreciation for the Catholic faith; willingness to develop further understanding of the Catholic and Mercy tradition that guides Mercy Center’s and Sisters Academy’s mission.
  • Possess at least three (3) years school administrative experience working with diverse multicultural populations.
  • Working knowledge of budgetary preparation, audit review, financial statements, public relations and development.
  • Ability to engage in, draft and execute a Strategic Plan.
  • Ability to understand and engage in effective fundraising activities.
  • Demonstrated organizational and supervisory skills that will motivate and inspire staff while setting high expectations and professional direction.
  • Proven success in leading teams, setting priorities and implementing a strategic vision.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, drive, and integrity with demonstrated ability to build, foster, and maintain positive relationships with both internal and external constituencies, including staff, board members, donors, volunteers, students, and families.
  • Self-confidence, humility, integrity, warmth, and a flexible personal style.
  • Master’s Degree in School Administration from an accredited college or university required.
  • Valid and Current Certifications in:
    • School Administration
    • Principal/Supervision
    • Chief School Administrator
  • Limited regional travel required; must be available to attend events after work hours or on weekends as needed.


Mercy Center, a sponsored ministry of the Sisters of Mercy founded in 1986 and located in Asbury Park, New Jersey, is a comprehensive social service and educational nonprofit organization whose mission is faith-based in the Catholic tradition. The Center operates multiple programs including the Emergency Services, the Family Resource Center and the Sisters Academy of New Jersey.

Sisters Academy is an independent, Catholic middle school for girls in grades 5 through 8. By intent and design there will never be more than sixty (60) girls in the Academy. The Academy offers an education of excellence to economically challenged young girls who would not otherwise have an opportunity to attend a private middle school. The goal of the Academy is to help the students gain entrance into the private Catholic high schools in the area and to then proceed onto college.

The Academy offers a holistic education while encouraging both academic and personal excellence. The Academy is accredited by the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools, Middle States Association and is a nationally recognized Core Knowledge School.

For additional information, please visit their websites at and

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