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Gain a Better Understanding of the Client

The initial step of the process is for Lambert and Associates to gain an in-depth understanding of the client organization, culture, structure and history. This usually includes meetings with senior leadership, the search committee, key members of the staff and the Board.

Finalize the Position Description

We provide assistance in refining an existing position description, ensuring an effective presentation of the basic responsibilities of the position, title, compensation, and reporting relationships. A list of qualifications is developed to utilize in the search and selection of the best candidate.

Identify Qualified Candidates

Since individuals with the best credentials for a position are not usually actively looking for a change, they need to be actively sought. We use a multipronged approach to identify individuals to develop a targeted list of candidates. We use our extensive database, uncover fresh research by targeting specific institutions, and post on selective professional association websites. Our goal is to initially cast the widest net. During the active recruitment phase, our recruiters make direct telephone calls, promote the opportunity through email announcements, and follow up on referrals. We begin screening exemplary candidates by phone and confidentially share with you the active targeted candidate list. As the search proceeds you will be provided with a Potential Candidate Report and together we will determine which candidates are best suited to continue through the next stage of the search.

Candidate Interviews/Evaluations by Lambert & Associates

At this point in the process the Lambert team is ready to conduct competency-based interviews with selected candidates to assess potential for success and serious interest in the position. We also evaluate the personality and leadership style of each candidate to determine how well he/she will fit within your organization. If appropriate, any internal or client-identified candidates will be evaluated.

Client Interviews and Final Selection

Once the potential candidates have been screened, the most qualified individuals will be presented for client evaluation and potential interviews. For each candidate, a file is prepared that includes CV/resume, candidate profile, writing samples, preliminary references and credential verification. Our goal is to provide you with a qualified pool of candidates.

We provide you with tools to assist you in evaluating the candidates, including guidelines for structuring the interview, sample questions and a candidate evaluation form. Once a finalist is selected, we conduct comprehensive reference checks. For reasons of confidentiality the formal reference checks are normally completed last.

The offer of employment is usually made by the client but we are available to assist with the employment offer, including advice on contract terms and compensation if appropriate.

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