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Executive Director

Family Service of Chester County

West Chester, PA

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director is vested with the authority and responsibility to develop, administer, and monitor all program activities of the agency in accordance with its stated purpose and within the general policies.

The Executive Director provides leadership and direction to Agency staff members; conducts the affairs of the Agency, interpreting and applying policies and managing the operations of the Agency and the activities of its staff members; participates in local, regional and national Family Service committees and activities which promote the organization and its mission. The Executive Director serves as the principal professional resource to the Board of Directors.

Specific Responsibilities

  • Administers the affairs of the Agency efficiently, consistent with the policies of the Board of Directors.
  • Oversees and approves a detailed budget for the operation of the Agency for the fiscal year including recommendation of same to the Board of Directors as a plan of operation for the year.
  • Establishes the overall direction of the Agency, in cooperation with the Board of Directors, by setting objectives and defining the means of their attainment.
  • Presents reports regarding the status and operation of the Agency for the information of and deliberation by the Board of Directors.
  • Employs all individuals within the agency exclusive of the position of Executive Director.
  • Acts as the agent for the Board of Directors for the interpretation of the work of the Agency, the promotion of its welfare, and the advancement of the Agency and its allied activities.
  • Meets requirements of the respective accrediting agencies and informs the Board of Directors of the Agency of activities in this regard.
  • Provides leadership in development activities, including membership campaigns, special projects, endowments, and other sources of revenue.
  • Staffs the Board Governance Committee, assists in recruitment and provides orientation to new board members.
  • Pursues the interests of FSCC through contacts and relationships with community leaders and organizations. Promotes and enhances the organization and its program objectives through active leadership and participation in local, state, regional, and national organizations which promote and value services to families, children, and individuals. Participates in developing and coordinating sound social welfare programs in the community.
  • Administers and monitors the necessary and appropriate risk management activities for the organization, including matters related to insurance, staff credentialing, and financial liability, and keeps the Board informed on such matters.
  • Performs any other responsibilities necessary and pertinent to the function of the chief executive officer of a not-for-profit corporation not otherwise specifically assigned in or precluded by the by-laws or policies of the organization.


The Executive Director must have an understanding of and passion for the goals and mission of Family Service of Chester County and the population it serves. The ability to shepherd the organization through periods of change while keeping a strategic eye on the importance of responding to the evolving needs of the community with innovative and fiscally responsible programs is essential. The successful candidate will possess a commitment to the values of the social work profession, including strength-based and person-centered practice, diversity, inclusivity and social justice. The new Executive Director will be a collaborative leader who cultivates trust and at the same time demands accountability.

  • Minimum of ten (10) years of relevant experience in successful direct service and increasing supervisory and administrative responsibility in nonprofit or governmental human service organizations.
  • A commitment to agency-centered practice, the value of staff development, the improvement of health and social service programs in the larger community, and to inter-agency cooperation in meeting the needs of families and individuals in Chester County.
  • Demonstrated organizational and supervisory skills that will motivate and inspire staff while setting high expectations and professional direction.
  • Proven success in leading teams, setting priorities and implementing a strategic vision.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, drive, and integrity with demonstrated ability to build, foster, and maintain positive relationships with both internal and external constituencies, including administrators, board members, volunteer leaders, and clients.
  • Experienced in fundraising with the ability to formulate and execute development strategies that will enhance revenue while fostering strong partnerships with external partners and community members.
  • Proven experience with program evaluations.
  • Possess superior communication skills to express, orally and in writing, Family Service of Chester County’s mission, vision, and goals with clarity, passion, and persuasion.
  • Proven success building and managing a Board, setting accountability and monitoring results.
  • Ability to access one’s own learning and professional development needs as well as an appreciation for work-life balance and self-care.
  • Understanding of infrastructure management, specifically facilities and IT.
  • Understand strategy in digital marketing.
  • Master’s degree in social work or human services related field required.
  • Willing and able to travel regionally.

The Institution

Family Service of Chester County (FSCC) is a nonprofit counseling and human service agency. Founded in 1947, Family Service provides counseling and specialized support programs to families and individuals of all ages, backgrounds and income levels.

The programs confront Chester County’s most pressing contemporary issues facing residents, including: behavioral health concerns, such as depression, anxiety and substance abuse; child abuse and the impact of poverty on children and adolescents within families; families facing challenging transitions and/or divorce; persistent and transient poverty and unemployment; HIV/AIDS management and prevention; improving financial stability; homelessness and housing insecurity; meaningful engagement of community volunteers in supporting neighbors in need.

These programs are driven by the core principle that everyone has the right to be fully integrated in their community, have stability within their family life and home, and contribute to their community’s future. This is regardless of age, ability, socioeconomic history, and financial means. Their belief is that each and every resident should be afforded the opportunity to find safe reliable housing, have the tools and support they need to manage psychological or physical health challenges, access help during personal crisis without judgment or reprisal, learn how to manage money when there is little to go around, rebound from incarceration, and find meaningful connections within the community.

For additional information about Family Service of Chester County, please visit their website

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